with Markéta de Borggraef and Victor Van Wassenhove
Installation & performance

Pleasure Island, Ostend

As a follow up to their previous collaboration, YLÏAM, Victor Van Wassenhove and Markéta de Borggraef decided to declare their semi-fictional moving VDB Transit Company as bankrupt. In order to get rid of their entire stock and remaining furniture of their former office, they organise  an auction open to the public and open a temporary shop to liquidate all their remaining belongings, selling them in the city of Ostend.

The auction is succesful and they are able to sell almost everything including their working clothes. From statistical graphs, post-its, staple machines to stocking shelves and desk plants, they bid farewell to a once physical company that now exists merely in their collective memory and add another layer on the questioning of materiality and the human relation to it.