YLÏAM is a transdisciplinary artist based in Brussels & Paris.

Through live performances and interactive works, the dynamics of space and their relation to the body become subject to a transformation or a temporal fiction in YLÏAM’s work.

Moving images, drawings and sound accompany the process or stand on their own, inviting the viewer into their melancholic-pop world through in-situ immersive installations, concerts, or rough sketchbook drawings. They use a spontaneous and humourous approach to the mundanity of life and its doom, gloom, glory and bloom —, while recalling the absurd of the commonplace and its poetic qualities.

YLÏAM is also a musician and sound designer. Musicwise, one can expect sorrowed and distorted guitars that collapse into pop lyrics and catchy melodies. Their approach to music production is textured, dimensional and  intimate.

They have been host of a monthly radio show, TOWN on Radio X Fm (Frankfurt, Germany) guest on the temporary Radio Makelij (Ghent, Belgium) and Ufff (Frankfurt, Germany).

YLÏAM shares a deep love for collaborative and improvised creation, which lead them to elaborate various art-workshops.
These include sonic-exploration, collective chanting, sound-poetry, theatrical and multi-disciplanry workshops. They also organise re-occuring skateboarding events focussing on a FLINTA+ public of all ages.

They graduated in Fine Art (2017–2020) at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main under Prof. Willem Derooij and have been part of group exhibitions at venues such as Kunst Im Tunnel (Düsseldorf), L21 (Mallorca), De Vooruit (Ghent), and De Fabriek (Eindhoven).


2022    Double Minutes Artist Talk Brussels (BE,)
2022    A Very theatrical group Expo, Vroom Space Brussels (BE)
2022    Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Sound workshop for youth Brussels (BE)
2022    Skate Empire Installation SKTWK, Frankfurt (DE)
2022    “Man Man Chi” Made In China Festival, Ghent (BE)
2022    Sound design for Egolane by Juliet Carpenter (DE)

2021     L’Esprit, Absolventen group show, Portikus Frankfurt Am Main (DE)
2021     404 Page Not Found Groupshow, Harelbeke (BE)

2020    Room For Improvement, Rundgang Städelschule, Frankfurt Am Main (DE)

2019    Menage at GONG, groupshow at house in Frankfurt Am Main (DE)
2019    McKinzy groupshow, McKenzie, Frankfurt Am Main (DE)
2019    Translocating To The Immaterial, Pleasure Island, Oostende (BE)
2019     SOMMER, groupshow in Kunst Im Tunnel, Düsseldorf (DE)
2019     Detox Smoothie (LOUCHE), evening organised Buren’s Library Garden, Vooruit, Ghent (BE)
2019    Kwil Nen Bad en Nen Chauffage (LOUCHE), invited by GROTESK, Plek Ghent (BE)     
2019    Lockers V3,
curated  by Dieo Diez at Bozar, Brussels (BE)

2018    #predictivetextsongs with Stine Sampers, for Lowtext, Berlin (DE)
2018    Café Solo at Rundgang Städelschule, Frankfurt Am Main (DE)
2018    Black Garden groupshow at L21, Mallorca (ES)
2018    Hotel Insomnia (LOUCHE) groupshow by Victor Van Wassenhove at DeFabriek, Eindhoven (NL)                

2017     Souvenirshop, with Portier, Ghent (BE)
2017    Public Place & Pubic Space, public site specific screening, Ghent (BE)
2017    A Serious Artist Residence, 002, Ghent (BE)
2017    12x20' (LOUCHE), Kunstroute Waregem, Waregem (BE)
2017    Regels (LOUCHE), Tumult Art Festival in Design Museum, Ghent (BE)
2017    Cheese Is Life, A Choir (LOUCHE) (curated by Gerard Herman) for BANG! Festival, Brussels
2017    De Heilige Drievuldigheid (LOUCHE) (curated by Sarah Zeebroek),for BANG! Festival, Brussels
2017    Getting Out of The Paté, KMNM, Kassel

2016    Genital Drawing Course #2, 002 Ghent
2016    Empathic Dolphinswing (LOUCHE), for MaydayMayday Art Festival Ghent
2016    Het Is Tijd Om Op Te Staan (LOUCHE), Spaanshuis Ghent
2016    SOUND S.H.O.T., 002 Ghent
2016    My First Soloshow: Everything: Must Be Sold, school corridor, Ghent
2016    Monday Mourning screening at Cinema OFFoff for Experimente Film
2016    Expanded Cinema for S.H.O.T.S, ArtCinema OeFFoff
2016    Groupshow Mixed Media, Vooruit, Ghent
2016    Lecture “Mixed Media” in Oh My God, Taipei Taiwan 

2015    The (Im)possible Club, Let's get visual, Event as part of the (Im)possible Futures festival by CAMPO & Vooruit.
2015    Le Physique Du Hazard, Expanded Drawing at Voorkamer, Lier


2017 — 2020
Fine Arts (Willem Derooij)
Städelschule, Frankfurt Am Main, (DE)

2015 — 2017
Mixed Media BA (Esther Venrooy & Roel Kerckhofs)
LUCA, Ghent, (BE)


2020 Filigran Preis, Rundgang  (Frankfurt)
2019 Publics Prize for Experimental Film, Cinema OFFoff (Ghent, Belgium)