During 4 Wednesday afternoons, the excitement of potential failure and accidental harmony is made tangible during a set of improvisation music sessions in the garden of the Portikus gallery. 
After an acoustic investigation of this particuliar space situating itself on a island in the middle of the city, and declared to be a natural reserve for migrating birds, musicians who have never played together before are invited to perform as a temporary band.

Due to the nature of improvisation, this performance rocks the crowd into a collective trance while a certain dissonance remains present. The potential of mistake is constant. A different scenography is designed by the performers for each concerts: chairs  are resourced on Ebay KleinEinzage, a popular second hand website in Germany/

Acting as ghostly molds for human shapes, the chair coming from different houses and regions of Frankfurt are activated during the concert or by tired visitors.
When no performance takes place, the chairs remain visible to the visitors, of the exihbition as as a trace of the previous impro session and can be moved as a prelude to the next.

was part of L’Esprit Groupshow , Portikus Frankfurt Am Main in 2021.

Graduates of the Städelschule
Curated by Sophie Buscher and Alke Heykes

As part of Maïly Beyrens Xu‘s graduation project every Wednesday different artists are invited for a sonic improvisation into the garden of Portikus:

Wednesday, September 23, 6 pm
Participating and contributing artists:
Larry Bonchaka, Ian Waelder, Punch Viratmale, Mahya Ketabchi, Wolfgang Winter, Maïly Beyrens Xu

Wednesday, September 30, 6 pm
Participating and contributing artists: Alicja Wysock, Maria Magdalena Kozlowska, Stine Sampers, single choir, YLÏAM

Wednesday, October 7, 6 pm
Jack Brennan, Siegfried Teller,  Mimi Xu, Lolitask7

Wednesday, October 14, 6 pm
Luis Polyanszky Worth, Ylïam Xu