Digital Video, stereo sound 6’18”

MONDAY MOURNING is a visual essay about loss and the immediate process of mourning coming right after. Through a fixed stand point of a mundane looking scenery, the thoughts of someone loosing their father slowly unfolds while looking out of a window. While our world can be suddenly shattered by death,
the mundanity of life and its rythm seems to keep going on without waiting for us.

A pedestrian crosses the street, the trash still needs to be picked up, flowers glimmer and bloom.


MONDAY MOURNING was screened during the KNMN Festival (Kassel, Germany) on a projector screen on desolated train tracks. It was screened at Cinema OFFoff (Ghent, Belgium) in 2019 and and got best public price (Yearly Experimental Film Screening). It has also been screened in the Deutsches Film Museum (Frankfurt, Germany) for the Rundgang film program in  2018.