Double Minutes (with Niels Poiz)
Artist Talk & performance
Textile, sound & livestream

“Niels & I had to come up with a new dynamic in a rather short time. We had never met before. Yet after a few mail exchanges, we soon found common grounds in our love for pop culture, music, text, and queer melancholia. 

The use of text guided our body in various states {semi-present through livestream} {performative and dramatic}  through it being written on clothes, read out loud through a mic, or sung on a piano.

We moved through the spaces {the garden} {the terrace} {the window} {the tennis court} and incorporate them as parts of our scenography in order to relate to the public in various degrees and at different distances.”


Every 2 month, Double mintues invites two artists to challenge the format of an artist talk. Rather than discussing the artist’s practice, specific works of art and / or exhibitions we ask each artist to select ten fragments that move them, as a starting point for the dialog. There are no restrictions on the choice of media: film, music, literature, internet, objects, etc. The artists can also experiment with the scenography and performative qualities of the talk itself. We hope to welcome you for an engaging and insightful evening with a focus on the joint experience of personal fragments.

For the fourth edition of Double Minutes they invited Maily Beyrens XU and Niels Poiz.